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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Serving the Least of These-A Meeting with Rodney

Today was just one of those days..our little boy did not sleep well last night and I was up late signing various documents for my job so the little sleep I did get was more than what my wife got. So we were both very tired, and our little boy did not nap at all today! yikes! All this was a recipe for me suggesting that we get out of the condo and go get something to eat, since it was 6:30 by the time I got home.

We went to Moe's Southwest Grill, which is VERY tasty and quickly becoming a favorite of mine simply because of how fresh the food is and how fast they make it. We ate our dinner and went outside when a homeless man, who we later found out was named Rodney, approached us and asked us for money for a meal. We paused and then asked him what he would like from the restaurant we were just in, he told us, so we got him a meal and a drink; while my wife was inside ordering it, he said he needed money to get to a shelter he knew of close by and I gave him a few bucks for the bus ride.

He stated he had no family and could not hold a job because he had been sick; he stated just yesterday he found out he had Parkinsons. I did notice a slight shake in one of his hands. A cynical person might have said that while he may have been poor, even homeless, the rest of the story was contrived or something to that effect.

However, these are the lost we are called to reach out to, these are the "least of these" that Jesus wants us to show his grace and love to. I am glad that my son was there to meet Rodney and to see that such folks are NOT outcasts or untouchables, or worst, people to ignore. To be sure, most people do not wish to be MEAN to the homeless, they are simply an inconvenience or a "strain" on their routine or finances. We must remember that before Christ, we were all lost in the sea of our own sin. It rather amazes me that the same people who would state that we need to preach the Gospel to everyone because we don't know who God has chosen or not chosen to be the "elect" (which is the truth, of course, no matter whether you are Calvinist/Reformed or Arminian), are the same people that have a predisposition to think that all people (homeless or otherwise) asking for help as Rodney did above are devious and are not to be trusted. Many say, never give them money, offer to buy the thing they request; while in some cases this might be prudent, is there never a time to simply give the money and leave the rest in the hands of God? Will He not deal with them at the proper time?

Showing Rodney a small amount of grace through the purchase of a meal and a ride as well as praying with him, I hope and pray that the Lord continues to guide Rodney to a knowledge of Him and Jesus whom He sent. May we all continue to be inspired to serve those that come across our path for the glory of the One who saved us from the depths of our sin!

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  • At 10:32 PM , Blogger Chris said...

    Yes Dan! Well said! Put me into the catergory of "being afraid" of homeless/street people. Part of me understands why and the other doesn't. Jesus said if you've did it for the least of these, you've did if for me. The money used to by food for Rodney was money well spent! You can count on that.

  • At 7:07 AM , Blogger Dan B. said...

    I totally understand the "being afraid" part because I used to be that way myself. You don't know what they are going to ask you and sometimes you don't really know what to tell them. Their misfortune is so great at times, it is difficult to sympathize/empathize with them; and, you can sometimes be scared to meet and talk with them...for fear that God will convict you to help them! :) (and that that help will require YOUR time and or finances, which can be difficult for some)

    The thing I've tried to do with those situations is obviously remember that God loves the least of these, but even more practically, I try to remember that every one of them had a mother and father but now have no family or their family will not help them. In a way, I would argue that those who are homeless in America are the American version of the Indian Dhalites.

  • At 6:42 PM , Blogger Rebekah said...

    Just a quick correction, and I wouldn't even say it if it didn't have bearing on my coming comment. :) When we came outside of the restaurant, Rodney told us he was homeless and hungry, asking specifically for a steak burrito and a drink. I found that striking b/c how often are we afraid to ask for what we really want/need? How often do we approach God asking for something less than our true desire b/c we're afraid of the "no" and hope we can get something a little farther down the food chain rather than nothing at all?

  • At 8:17 PM , Blogger David Blugerman said...

    Nice! You guys are awesome! I miss you!!


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